Why We Do What We Do

    We believe there is a better way to heal trauma and unhelpful negative emotions, not teach you to cope with them. Feel the Heal!

    HOW We heal trauma and emotions

    The Trauma Resiliency Protocol (TR-P) is for post-traumatic stress and acute stress. It all can heal!

    The Emotions Management Process (EMP) is for extreme negative triggers involving unhelpful emotions like sadness, anger, or shame, often accompanying traumatic or significant emotional events.

    You are not allowed to discuss the trauma, everything centers around the triggered emotions.  They become malleable when active.  We change the state of the emotions, not the memory.

    Costs for civilians

    $250 for one session of 90-120 minutes. 

    A typical client will finish in 1 to 2 sessions. Occasionally a 3rd session is needed, and only a handful of folks out of 5,000 clients need a fourth session. However, considering the length of therapy in traditional treatment, you may be engaged for years with limited if any results.  This is not therapy, we coach your brain to effectively and permanently disconnect the neural pathways from the negative emotions and the events that caused them. In other words, your story no longer owns you, you own your story!

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